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I'm Brandon, a web developer who works in PHP, HTML and SQL. Also, because of my flexibility and on-the-fly self-learning, I have worked with Java and Objective-C when needed. I have high career ambitions and would prefer an office job surrounded by 4 walls all day as this is when I am at my best. I approach each project as I like to problem solve; to work out an easier and better ways to do something and has to been completed to the best of my ability. I've completed several projects for friends and relatives which also has made me the go-to-guy when someone needed help with anything technology related.

A huge football fan, specifically of Derby County, my spare time mostly consists of travelling to the iPRO Stadium, or wherever in the country we happen to be playing that week. Football is my passion and it's a way of unwinding. I can work all week and then come Saturday, have a break and lower the shoulders and sit back and enjoy a game. In my spare time, when not coding or watching football, I like to walk around town, walk through parks and fields with headphones in and just take in the world and get some fresh air. Sometimes I'll skim through magazines, books, newspapers, learn interesting things and to keep up to date with the happenings in the world.

When I'm at a computer, but not coding, I'll open up YouTube and watch educational videos, open up Photoshop and mess with a few things, or try and program something, just to let my brain wander and do it's own thing. Having finished college, and being at university, I have learned to work efficiently, and effectively under stress and completing assignments and resubmissions before deadlines to the best of my ability.

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Education & Qualifications

Secondary school was a turning point for me, it was where I first decided I wanted to code, at first I wanted to make games but eventually turned to web design. I scored the highest mark for ICT in my year group in the GCSE and it was clear ICT was my strong point along with mathematics which is a huge part of computing.

After leaving school, I studied IT & Computing at College, having just finished a two year course I completed the first year to a pass grade, and stayed on to complete the extended diploma to a DMM in order to go to university.

The last step on this eventful journey is university, I am studying Computer Science at the University of Derby.

Level Subject Grade
BSc Computer Science In Progress
Level 3 BTEC IT (Extended Diploma) DMM
Level 3 BTEC IT (Subsidary Diploma) PASS
GSCE English Language B
GSCE English Literature B
GSCE Higher Mathematics B
GSCE Foundation Mathematics C
GSCE Science C
GSCE Additonal Science C
GSCE Business & Communication Systems B
GSCE Religious Studies C
GSCE History D
Level 2 BTEC Sport PASS

Blue indicates qualifications achieved at college, green indicates those achieved in school. Red for university.

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